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The Borghese Gallery - Art & Passion

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Woman with Unicorn by RaffaelloThe Borghese Gallery is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, charming, elegant and compact art museums in the world. It is neither chronologically arranged, nor very ordinate. Rather, it is a very personal, lovingly matched collection that reveals basically the personalities and tastes of two people: Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the greatest of Baroque artists, and Scipione Cardinal Borghese, the greatest art collector and the man who actually initiated the Roman Baroque.Apollo and Daphne by Bernini

Two features characterized this extraordinary man: his absolute passion for Art, for which he had an infallible instinct, and his unscrupulousness in obtaining those works of art he wanted to posses.

Borghese's collection of great works of art, such as Raffaello's Woman with the Unicorn, Domenichino's Diana, Boticelli's Madonna and Child, Caravaggio's David, Bernini's Apollo and Daphne, Canova's Paolina, Tiziano's Amor Sacro & Amor Profano, just to name a few, is also a never ending drama of untold stories about art being stolen from churches, artists being sent to jail, their workshops being devastated by Borghese's confiscations, mysterious deaths, and other innumerable stories of intrigue and passion that explain to us how the Baroque could sometimes cost more than life itself!

The visit to the Borghese Gallery is a must! Borghese called his huge park of wonders, of which the Galleria is only a part, "The Theater of the Universe."

Join us! We wish to show you exactly what Cardinal Borghese meant, illustrating the story of Passion and Art! After visiting the Gallery, we will walk shortly through the beautiful Villa Borghese park, and end at the Spanish Steps.


    This Walking Tour takes place all days of the week, except Mondays. Our groups are limited to max 15 people. The Galleria Borghese requires advance reservations for all, therefore we accept only reservations at least 48 hours in advance for groups, and 24 hours in advance for private tours. The price does not include the entrance fee to the Gallery, currently € 20.00/person.

    For Reservations, click here

    • Duration - 2½ hours
    • Price - € 45.00/person
    • Private Tour max 5 people - Total Price € 225.00








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