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Within the Walls of Rome

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Within the Walls


Explore Rome within the Walls, and find out how some small huts on the Palatine and Capitol hills became the most powerful and greatest of all empires. Discover the most ancient treasures of a civilization that has shaped the Western World.

The mysterious alleys and lost medieval buildings await your visit. Take this unprecedented stroll with us and discover the unknown places of Rome, where some of the best restaurants and wineries are!

Walk with us in the Historical Center at twilight, and see the beauty of Renaissance and Baroque Rome, the revival of Roman Art.

Art and Passion meet in the Borghese Gallery, a private art collection with some of the most famous and marvelous masterpieces in the world.

We offer these four walking tours Within the Walls of Rome:

Templum CastorumAncient Rome - The Greatest Empire
Torre degli AnguillaraMedieval Rome - The Dark Ages
Navona at TwilightAt Twilight - The Beauty of Baroque
Rape of ProserpineThe Borghese Gallery - Art & Passion

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