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Thank You for your feedback!

The Anno Domini Foundation is comprised of experts from the Academia, Professors and post-doctoral Researchers in various Arts such as Ancient History, Archeology, History of Art, Philosophy, and Theology. We strive to bring you our knowledge and expertise to enrich your visit of the Eternal City. We appreciate your kind feedback, and are happy to post your emails on this webpage. For any information please email us at or call us at +39-340-986-0811.

Here is what our Guests have written about Anno Domini

Thank you for your message. We very much enjoyed the day that we spent with Tatiana. We found her to be extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about sharing her insights into the places that we were visiting. Since we had such a short time in Rome it was important for us to have someone to help us focus on the important things that we had wanted to see. She certainly did that. Even towards the end of our fairly long day I had no trouble attending to what she was saying, this was largely due to how interesting and informative her comments were. We also appreciated the skill with which she dealt with the rather unusual day in Rome (the day that Bush visited with the Pope). Her ability to negotiate this made it possible for us to see the things that we wanted to. I have used private tour guides on other trips, and I have to say that I got more out of the day with Tatiana than with any of the others. She was excellent. Please thank her again for us. She made our day in Rome very special, and made us definitely want to return Italy and spend more time in Rome. I would certainly recommend the tour that Tatiana gave us to anyone considering a trip to Rome. Thanks again for all of your help, and hello and THANKS to Tatiana.

James Hill

Thanks so much for the message. We really enjoyed our tour and found the guide informative and entertaining. I don't have any suggestions for improvement as we thought the experience to be perfect. It was definitely a highlight for us. I have recommended you folks to several people at work.
Anna Brzozowski

It was fabulous. As you know we recommended you to friends. Our experience makes us want to share this great opportunity with friends. Each day we felt nourished by our tours. The ancient city tour made us love history. Apollo and Diana @ Gallerie Borghese will always be awesome and humbling.

Best, Georgia & Vis

I wanted to personally thank Tatiana for making the tour of the Vatican ABSOLUTELY THE BEST TOUR I HAVE EVER HAD! I was reluctant at first due to the length of the line, but am sooo thankful that Tatiana had the foresight and expertise to show me the errors of my thinking. Again, the most informative and insightful tour I have ever had. Tatiana, you get an A+

P.S. The restaurant you brought us to was delightful
Rick Mithun

Anno Domini Foundation,
Hello, we had a wonderful time with Sev; he was an excellent tour guide- we couldn't have hoped for better. Thank you for the wonderful tour; we will recommend you to all of our friends traveling to Italy!
Nicole Taylor

Our tour with Sev was fantastic. Booking this tour was the best decision we made in Rome. His knowledge and passion was greatly appreciated. He spent a great deal of time with us and answered all of our questions. I would recommend your tour to anyone traveling to Rome and would take another tour with you myself.
Thank you for making our Vatican experience much more meaningful!

John and Laura Noel

We were extremely pleased with Alexander. We had the good fortune to have him all to ourselves. It was the most informative of all our tours. You can't beat one on one. We would certainly recommend you to our friends that are traveling and would use your services again ourselves. Thank you and thank Alexander for wonderful memories. Sincerely,
Bill and Barbara Epting

Dear Sev,
The tour was excellent and we both enjoyed it fully. We were amazed that you were able to keep talking for the whole time and this kept us focussed all through the tour. We have already told family and friends about Anno Domini and hopefully they will seek to use your services in the future. Again, many thanks - just brilliant !!
Kindest regards,
Mike and Karen Howell
Derby, England.

My husband Eric and I appreciated the time and attention that we received from the Anno Domini Foundation. Please give our regards to Sev, we really enjoyed his style of presenting the places and information to us. We also want to thank Tania for the time we spent exploring the churches, we learned so much. We loved Italy and plan to return. We have, and will, continue to recommend your company and call upon you again when we visit. Best regard, Tammy Wallis

Dear Anno Dommini:
First of all, thank you so much for the tour in Rome. It was absolutely incredible. I know that many of the people in the group thought that it was the highlight of our time in Europe. Sev was absolutely an amazing tour guide. His talks were very informative and interesting at the same time. Some of us had been to Rome in the past but had never known much of the information on the sites we visited. Our experience with your foundation was exceptional. We will definitely be reffering your tour company to others for their trips to Rome.
Thank you again for a wonderful day in Rome.
Morgan Newman

As you can guess, we must have enjoyed and appreciated your tour service or else we would not have had Sev as our guide on three different days. He did an outstanding job, is very knowledgeable and a very nice person. All three of the tours were great and I especially enjoyed our afternoon at the Borghese Gallery. Sev even taught us how to cross streets and gave me what turned out to be valuable information on catching a train. We will recommend your tour programs and Sev to others. Please give our regards to Sev. regards, Olmsted

My wife and I just got back from Italy. Your tours were the best and we had several to compare against. I thought it was most important for you to know that the two tours that we took with Anno Domini were better than the tours were took with Scala even though their prices were higher. Being a native of Rome, I think Sev made the tour extremely interesting.
Good work.

Thank you very much for a fabulous tour of St. Peter's and the Vatican chambers. It was without a doubt a highlight of our 3 weeks in Italy. Sev is incomparable as a guide and his knowledge is incredible! We will highly recommend your service and Sev to all of our friends. Many, many thanks!
Lisa and Randy Freeman

I'm happy to provide feedback to you -- we haven't stopped talking about what a great "find" the Anno Domini tours are, and how fortunate we feel to have discovered Sev! We are telling everyone that seeing Rome should only be done through your foundation. Sev's enthusiasm and love for history and art is catchy, and the breadth of his knowledge base is impressive. However, what was most impressive to us was the way he imparted all this information. It's one thing to have a lot of information -- it's another to share it in such a way as to rivet your guests’ interest while you are sharing it. We hope to return for a third trip to Italy, and you can be sure we will call on you again! Many thanks,
Phyllis Amato & Marty Diamond

I am so glad I have an opportunity through your follow up e-mail, to tell you how happy Joanne and I were with our day with Sev. Although we were just a group of 2, we felt like the most important people who had ever received a guide! Sev of course, is extremely well informed, not only in the arts but he was able to answer "off topic" questions such as those we had on Mussolini, the role of the Church during WWII, home ownership in Rome, etc. Being a bit of a history buff, I was re-assured with his information when we wandered into areas where I had some information, and he was right on! Most of the day however, we were on topics where he had all the information, and he was excellent at making it come alive. His "prep" for our going into the Sistine Chapel could have been the high light of the trip! Of interest is that on the following night we were in Campo Fiori having dinner when Sev came in with a group of about 10 people. As his presentation was coming over to an end, we went over to say hello, however, the group kept asking questions and we finally gave up without saying hello, and telling him once again how much we had enjoyed our day together. We enjoyed watching him "in action", as he was so courteous as the questions kept coming in, answering each question fully. Thanks for following up on what was a terrific day, and please say hello to Sev for us.
Dave and Joanne Barker

I just wanted to let you know that Sev was an excellent guide. He was very knowledgeable and personable, and we enjoyed our tour. I will be sure to recommend your guide service to any of my friends that might be traveling to Italy in the near future.
Ginger Borase

Dear Sev,
Now that we are back in Oklahoma and I have a few minutes, I wanted to write you a note to say thank you for such a wonderful tour of Vatican City. I know with four hours you can only scratch the surface, but we enjoyed every minute. You made it very fun and interesting, even for our young sons. Historically, when I have participated in tours, my reaction is "glad I did it, but I wouldn't do it again." You left me hoping for another visit where I could learn so much more. Who knows, maybe one day we'll be able to return to Rome for more. The Pilgrims Way sounds amazing. I am going to keep your card for any of our friends who might have the same opportunity. Also, if you wouldn't mind, I would like to be able to e-mail you and ask questions from time to time. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us. It was truly one the highlights of our trip.
Stay well and God Bless you,
Vickie Ford

What a wonderful time Kathryn Perino and I had with Sev as our guide through the Colosseum, the Forum, and the Pantheon! Sev's knowledge, enthusiam, and love for his subject were apparent throughout the afternoon. It was truly an extraordinary learning experience. I will certainly recommend Anno Domini to friends. Agnes Colaneri

Our three tours, guided by Sev, while in Rome were a delight and in some ways the highlight of our European vacation.
Sev was a wealth of knowledge, charming and extremely helpful. We will advise friends and family to contact Sev when in Rome so they can share in a wonderful experience. Sincerely,
Pat Ramler

On behalf of Jane and myself I want to thank you again for the time you spent with us touring the Vatican!! We enjoyed every minute of it!! Your passion and your professionalism would be hard to match!! You really know Rome! The Tour Guide we were with before we got to Rome would possibly be interested in your services, I will give him the Foundations Web Site and your name and he may be in touch with you sometime in the future. Jane and I hope to come back to Rome someday, if so, we will look you up! Peace, Linda Ferreira

Dear Anno Domini,
Sorry that it has taken a little while to get back about some feedback. We just wanted to say that Sev did an absolutely wonderful job on our tour and we were greatly impressed with his knowledge and seeming passion about the Vatican. It was a great experience for us, and by far our best guided tour experience while in Italy.
Thanks! Anthony and Elizabeth Polomik

Good Morning:
Rest assured, we feel quite "Roman" after our 3 walking tours with Professor Sev Borzak. Each and every moment was filled with information that made ancient Rome come alive before our eyes. You could close your eyes and feel the breath of the ancients walking past in the Forum area through his words. Ending with the Borghese Gallery sculptures was the ultimate experience almost seeing the marble being chizled by the artists, while Sev added the emotional, spiritual and cultural essence to describe each piece. Each tour exceeded our expectations in every way, and we experienced Rome, the most beautiful ancient city in the world, through the eyes of a modern, very intelligent Roman. Thank you so very much Sev, for your absolutely wonderful tours. We have already recommended Anno-Dommini to others we know are traveling to Rome. Sincerely,
Marilou Moschetti and Karina Murray - California, USA

We would be most happy to tell you that we thoroughly and completely enjoyed our 2 days with Sev. He truly exposed the entirety of Ancient Rome and the Vatican to us in the highest possible intellectual manner. He was very personable and friendly, he literally "opened our eyes" to Rome and we absolutely loved every minute of it. We now count Rome as a favorite destination and will probably be back for a few days in 2005. You can be sure that every day that we are in Rome we will be going somewhere with Sev if his schedule permits.
My business is all about referrals from satisfied clients. You can be certain that we have already made several referrals of your service and will continue to do so.
Thanks to you and, of course, Sev for such a great time. Mike and Mary Gordon

I should be thanking you for having such a professional and extremly knowledgeable person as one of your representatives! We truly enjoyed Anna and all that she shared with us! Please know that as our friends travel to Italy will recommed Anno Domini Tours! Sincerely,
Carole S. O'Leary

Dear Anno Domini Foundation, We are so happy to have found your organization and cannot begin to thank you for the wonderful tour we had with Sev. He is very pleasant and made our visit to the Vatican the best experience we had in Rome. I will highly recommend your company to any friends that are visiting Rome. We wished we had time to take your other tours and hope to do so on our next visit to Italy. Currently, we are in Florence. Do you know of any organization that runs tours similar to yours here in this city? If you could recommend a company, we would be most appreciative. Best Regards, Grazie mille and Buon Natale! Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

Our tour was wonderful! Milena (and Marco) were so knowledgeable and generous with their time! We certainly peppered Milena with questions, and she was very, very patient with us. The most valuable service she provided was keeping us on track and moving forward at the Vatican Museums. Without her, we would still be
there! Thank you very much!

Katie & Team Fur
Gordon (Sunshine Hill's Gordon, CGC, TDIA)
Nigel (Advent Meteor Flag of England, CGC, TDI)
and...Smudge! (Advent Conflagration, CGC, TDI)
Lower Macungie, PA

Anno-Domini Tours, Thank you for providing such an excellent tour! It was a fabulous experience that completed a wonderful trip to Rome. Anna, the guide, was very knowledgeable and added insight into the art and history of the Vatican. The small group size was also a plus. On behalf of myself, and my aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Gross, we would like to say thank you for an incredible tour! Thanks again. Regina Chesney

We were so happy and grateful for the wonderful tour that we had at the Vatican. All four of us, including our 2 sons (high school and college) thought that Sev was terrific and knew everything. Wow, what a guy! We don't think that he stopped talking for 5 hours. He was erudite, explained all at our levels and we couldn't have asked for any more wonderful a tour guide. As you know, you had signed up for a group tour but the other party of 2 didn't show so we had Sev all to ourselves! Sev did wait for more than 15 minutes after the meeting time and then called the office for permission to take off. Don't know what happened to the other party but it was their loss and our gain. Also, you should know how I got your name. I googled for Italy/ Vatican tours and then thought to pick a name far down on the list. So, you were on page 14 and had a Latin name so I thought there would be a Catholic connection, there. Then, when I read the reviews and your literature, I believed that it sounded more educated and erudite than most of the other tours. So, that's why I picked your name. Then, and not least, you were terrific at answering my questions and emails and I believe that good service up front usually indicates good service elsewhere. Thanks again for making our trip to the Vatican so enjoyable and don't forget to send me Sev's last name. Be sure that I will give out your name when I know of others going to Rome. Thanks, Bill Lewis.

We loved sev and thought he was a fabulous guide. My children learned so much. It was a great experience. thank you Janet Mavec

Dear Anno Domini:
Per your request for feedback, we'd like to emphatically tell you how much we enjoyed the two tours we had with Sev. He not only had extreme command of the topics of history, art, architecture and all things Roman, but presented it in a great format. We also appreciated his humor and easy going personality, and that he didn't present a "dry" tour. We learned alot and will definitely recommend him and your company. Thanks for making this a highlight to our trip! Todd & Gail Ellenbecker

This was the best thing that we did in Rome, it was wonderful and Sev our guide was incredible. I told many people about this tour and hope that I have managed to generate some good business with you. If I ever return to Rome, which I hope to do, I will take several more tours with your group, hopefully with Sev! Thanks again for all your help, Gerry Weinmaster

We wanted you all to know that our time with Sev proved to be one of the highlights of our trip to Italy. We particularly enjoyed the extra effort he put into his explanations. His willingness to go beyond the ordinary helped to make missing out on the Sistine Chapel an acceptable loss. Unfortunatly, I had my pocket picked at the Colisuem on Sunday during the Ascension ceremony which put a damper on our stay in Rome. But, we had a great trip anyway. I've recommended you to several people we met in Italy that were still to go to Rome and to everyone I've talked to here at home as well. God Bless and "kkep up the good work." Mike Starks

My wife and I are now back in the US from our 3 week stay in Italy. I just wanted to send an email thanking all involved with our tour and reservations. I especially want you to pass on our thanks to our tour guide Anna. She was wonderful and was a pleasure to be with. She really put everything into the tour to make it most memorable. She was very professional, but also very personal in her presentation of the Vatican history and points of interest. My wife would like to send her a thank you note. We did not get her last name. Could you please email me her address or email address so that we could thank her again? Thanks again for everything.Jerry

Wonderful, wonderful. there were but 6 in our group. it was AWESOME for us (maybe not for you guys). Anna was great, very knowledgable, very personable. Sincerely, Ivy Oxendine

Thank you for the message. I have meant to give you feedback as Richard and I found Anna to be most wonderful! She was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We could not have picked a better guide in Rome and will recommend her to any friends that are coming your way. Thank you Anna! Donna L. Veitch

Alex was great and i will recommend your services to anyone who goes to Rome-thanks for all your help. Ann

It was very nice to get home and receive a "Welcome Back from your trip" email from your organization. Thank you very much. It made us pause in the middle of the day to remember fondly our trip to Italy and, in particular, our tour of the Vatican with Sev. Both my husband and I truly appreciated the phenomenal depth of Sev's historical knowledge of the church and art, and his ability to communicate this information in a clear and interesting way. As someone who has had some experience with groups, I was also very impressed with how he, in a very natural manner, made sure everyone felt included in the group. He had an excellent way of responding to comments or questions - and always gave thought-provoking responses. A wonderful skill for an educator to have and a gift for all of us on the tour. Thanks again to Sev and to your organization. You can be sure we will recommend Anno-Domini to our friends.
Please give Sev Bill's and my best wishes.
Sincerely, Heather Riedl
(Date of Tour: May 11. 2005)

Anno Domini, Our tour of the vatican well exceeded our expectations. Anna was very knowledgeable, and spent ample time with us. We all learned a lot on the tour and had an excellent time. I will recomend your foundation to others going to Rome and will use your foundation again in the future. Thanks for a great tour. Kristin Bornstein

ATTN: Customer Relations Dept.: In response to your e-mail of June 3rd, my wife and I were extremely pleased with your services, as well as your guide, Sev, with whom we attended the Vatican City. I have recommended your firm to others who are contemplating visiting Rome, and I suggested to them that they be in contact with you for organizing a tour. Very truly yours, Michael J. Wexler [MJW:ama]

Thank you very much for absolutely splendid trip! We appreciate all the care that Tatiana gave us and all the knowledge shared. We'll be looking forward to work with you again! Most cordially, Fr.Ilya

We are back and wanting to be back already!!! We had a wonderful time in Rome and we cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed our tours. Ana and Sev were so knowledegable we were very impressed. Thanks again for helping us have an amazing time. MF and Alex Sardina

Thank you. It's good to be home and I must say the trip home had it's adventures taking almost 30 hours! I want you to know that Sev made our vacation to Italy the best ever!! His tour was a walk through time. Speaking for all of us, Sev went beyond, way beyond, our expectations. We expected the Vatican to be one of the highlights but having such a brilliant guide placed the event number one on our list. We found Sev very professional, organized, personable and delightful. In other words - great!! As for recommending your organization for excursion services - we already have and will continue to do so. Regards, Carolyn Martin

We really enjoyed our tour. Sev is an exceptional guide and he made our visit to the Vatican truly memorable. Many thanks to Sev and your organization. Best regards, Walt Eaton

Dear Anno Domini Foundation !!! We had a nice time in Rome indeed...Next time we'll spend more time for Rome and Italy. And our choise will be favour of Anno Domini Foundation ONLY!!! As to Sev Borzak...this's high class professional guide and very communicative! Welcome to Riga!!! Great thanks once again. With best regards, Marina

Hi, We have just returned from our trip to Italy. While there, we visited Rome, Lucca, Florence, Venice and Milan. They were all very different! Our time in Rome was spent mainly touring the historic sites, and our 2 A.D. tours, which somehow ended up as private tours with just our family and Sev, were highlights of our trip.We also took a tour of the Vatican museum and St. Peter's with Icon Tours, due to scheduling conflicts with your stated tour times. We all wish we had been able to take that tour with Sev as well. Our tour guide with Icon was good, but although less expensive, that tour was very large and therefore not nearly as enjoyable. I don't recall where I found your company on the internet, but I do not believe I saw it referenced on Rick Steves,, or Fodor' When I get the chance, I intend to post on all those sites and sing your praises. Everything about Zev's approach, all the information, his pleasant manner, and even his steering us to a lovely dinner on the Piazza Farnese, was just a treat. Thanks very much, and whenever we get to Rome again, we will look for your tours again without a doubt. Sincerely, Desi Franklin

Sev and Anno Domini: No, thank YOU for the fabulous tour by Sev! Sev referred us to a wonderful Vatican book for further information and pictures. It brings us right back to our time in the Vatican. I still can't believe I was there! We had a great 2 weeks in Italy and looking forward to going back. I will definitely recommend Anno Domini to my friends, family and colleagues. Thanks again! Barbara Flinn-Hanna, JD, ARM

Without a doubt, our time with Sev was the best value for our money on the entire thirty-three days my wife and I were away from home. Sev is a very knowledgeable fellow and he certainly knows how to present his subject. Without hesitation, I gave Sev's card to a couple from Canada who are planning a trip to Rome with their children later this year. Also, I have given our travel agent the information on your Foundation. Thank you and Sev for having the foresight to establish such a Foundation. Sincerely, Helen and Bob Headen Livingston, Texas

Dear Sev and everyone at the foundation, We want you to know how much we enjoyed our tour through the Vatican. It was one of our best days during our trip to Italy and London. Sev was such a wonderful guide explaining everything about the history of Rome while we were waiting in line for 2 hours. He was so interesting, that it was hard to believe we had waited so long! Our two daughters, 20 and 25, enjoyed and learned so much from him. We had been in the Vatican last year on a tour, but for our daughters it was their first time. We learned so much more from Sev, and understood information more from him than we had on our last tour. We are truly happy and thank you again, expecially Sev, for making our day at the Vatican. We always talk about Sev and the foundation to our friends when we talk
about our trip. Hopefully we will be able to use you again when we come to Rome. Of course, we have given our friends your email address. Have a wonderful day!

Scott, Marietta, Jenny Lynn, and Brittany Nelson

Our tours were awesome! It would be hard to find a guide more qualified than a PhD and assistant professor at the University of Rome, and an added
bonus was Sev's infectious enthusiasm for his subject. Also the small size of the group was a huge plus, particularly as we watched groups of 40 or more being herded through the Vatican and Trastevere. Another plus was knowing that at least part of the cost of the tour goes to help scholars study the history of the Vatican, Rome, and medieval cultures. Daniel Brigham

We enjoyed the Vatican tour VERY much! Tatiana provided us with a memorable experience and she exceeded our expectations. Thank you, Sharif & Margaret

What a coincidence – I just signed on to e-mail you about our tour on October 12th of the Vatican. I cannot say enough good about the professionalism Sev displayed, not to mention his vast knowledge of the Vatican history, art and property. He was just excellent. Your tour was well worth the money and we would be glad to recommend your tour to anyone! Thanks again to Sev – he enlightened us to history that we both found so fascinating and art that was overwhelming! It was the best part of our trip! Nancy Longerbeam

Dear Anno Domini,
Thank you and Sev for the great tour. I don't know how we would have seen what we saw in only 3 or 4 hours without you. The wait to just get into the Sistine Chapel was that long. Sev provided context and perspective to help us understand the history and meaning of what we were seeing. I think the the Pieta is the most beautiful work of art ever, and listening to Sev's comments while looking at it was very thought provoking and emotional. Sev was recommended by my neighbors and I will enthusiastically recommend him and Anno Domini to everyone else I know who is headed to Rome. Sincerely, Terry Rogers

Anno Domini, Just returned to the States from Rome...Was fortunate enough to have Sev for our Ancient Rome Tour....WONDERFUL !!! Even my 16 yr old nephew can rattle off information about the covered monuments. Sev made every moment in history alive and waiting to be discovered! I will be sure to tell every traveller about your foundation. Thank you for a grand experience. J.F. New Jersey, USA

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