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The Pilgrim's Ways

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Pilgrim's Ways


Canopy of San Giovanni where the  heads of Peter & Paul are preservedChristian pilgrims have been traveling to Rome since ancient times, to contemplate and pray at the holy sites, where the Apostles Peter and Paul, and myriads of other Martyrs lived, preached, and were persecuted. It was under the Emperor Constantine, that Christians could finally worship freely.

Constantine's conversion to Christianity was the beginning of radical change in the known world. The first churches dedicated to Christ, the holy Apostles and Martyrs, were erected under his rule, and very soon Christianity became the Empire's religion. The capital of the pagan world, became the center of Christianity.Moses by Michelangelo

The Pilgrim's ways begin at the Lateran, site of the first basilica built by Constantine — St. John's "in Lateran", that to this day bears the honorific title of Ecclesiarum Mater, i.e. mother of all churches. The Lateran complex includes the Holy Stairs — the flight of stairs from the Prætorium of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem, on which Jesus Christ descended and shed His blood on the way to the Golgotha where He was crucified. We will visit the Lateran Baptistery, the first in the world, where according to some Constantine himself was baptized. Our experienced guide will take you to St. Clement's Basilica, a most fascinating church, where we will find the key to understanding how Christianity actually developed in Rome. We will end at the Basilica of St. Peter's "in Chains", where you will be able to see the chains that bound St. Peter while he was imprisoned, and also the world-famous Moses by Michelangelo.

We invite you to follow the path many have taken throughout the ages, a path which shall illustrate how humility and sacrifice of a few changed the destiny of so many. You will be led by a guide specialized in Christian History who will recount you the intricate story and traditions of saints, miracles, relics, and ancient artifacts — the Pilgrim's Ways!


    This Walking Tour takes place at 9:00 AM, all days of the week. Our groups are limited to max 15 people. The price does not include the entrance fees to the Lateran Cloister and St. Clement's Basilica, currently € 5.00 total.

    For Reservations, click here

    • Duration - 3 hours
    • Price - € 45.00/person
    • Private Tour max 5 people - Total Price € 275.00







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